Dieppe Air Conditioning

As I melted through Thursday’s 42°F/ 108°C heat with no air conditioning sight, all I could think of was the beach. And no- not the ones they make down on the Seine. I wanted water to the horizon and salt on my lips. Dieppe delivered, as soon as I got off the train and could smell the ocean air. I sat for most of the morning on the beach and soaked in the smells and seagulls and surf.


The town is utterly charming. The memorials to the Dieppe Raid/ Operation Jubilee, utterly humbling. Not having air conditioning took its appropriate seat at the back of the table. Or even in another room, standing without much to lean on.

I realized it’s ok to just be hot. That maybe blasting icy cold air at every opportunity for our own comfort, at the cost of the environment, is the crazy thing. Get used to sweat rolling down the backs of your legs. Being generally sticky. Is it really that big of a sacrifice to make? I doubt the Canadian soldiers who washed up on this beach would think so.  #lestweforget