MassArt Fashion Show SP18.

MassArt Fashion Show SP18.


Bridal separates. Wool crepe dress fully lined in silk, with exposed back and deep butterfly side gathers. (Rehearsal dinner, future anniversaries, future mother of the bride) Chiffon overdress with bell sleeves, deep butterfly side gathers and seam and flower details trimmed in black. (Ceremony topper, paired with black leggings/ tank for for the party after.)


Focus on how the bride feels vs how she is seen. Initial sketches and inspiration focused on butterflies and the idea of how transformative the act of getting married is- regardless of place or religion. I liked the idea of a dress that also transformed, and that the adding or removing a layer could be a meaningful, personal part of the process. Lining in silk was important from the start. Keeping the fun and romance of a swirling full skirt, but losing the typical princess silhouette.

Sketches, pattern drafting, muslins, fittings, pattern adjustments to get the gathers and skirt fullness just right. Headpiece made from scraps.


Flats and page layouts made with Adobe Illustrator, hand rendered sketches.