MassArt Sr Fashion Show SP19, model info- bottom of page.

MassArt Sr Fashion Show SP19, model info- bottom of page.


Ready to wear separates. Gender and season neutral pieces, functional designs, mix and match wearability. 100% found fabrics. Patterns drafted from self-made slopers, all construction, hand sewing and trim finishing self done.


Inspired by a Montréal summer- the creative, community focused use of outdoor space and the overflowing greenery- busting through, covering over and providing shady respite. Struck by how nature is often viewed as something to drive to or hike in or climb on, yet connection and awe inspiring moments are available in urbanity too. Nature’s ability to persevere and renew is an inspiration in itself. Maybe instead of wondering how we can save the planet, we can get out of the way and let the planet save us.

Rue Sauvage - “Wild Street”. I envisioned a functional line for urban living that could be produced, worn and live a circular cycle with the least harm possible. Simple silhouettes, gender neutral for sharing with partners and friends, and pieces that mix, match and layer for all seasons.

>> LOOKBOOK, pdf


Sketches, pattern drafting, draping, fabric selection and re-working color schemes and designs to work with found fabric weight and functionality. Muslins, fitting, technical flats and final illustrations.


Sketches= hand rendering, iPadPro Procreate and Sketches. Flats= Adobe Illustrator, iPadPro/ Graphic. Page layouts= Adobe inDesign, iPadPro/ Graphic.

Thank you to all the models and photographers I had the pleasure of working with. (There is nothing better than hearing a model love’s wearing a piece/ appreciates the pockets!)
Lookbook- studio: photographer: Caroline (IG), models: Sarah Harkins (IG), Kasmere Janay (IG), Emma Catherine (IG), Areli Caballero (Agency)
Lookbook- location: photographer: Eva (IG), models: Kate (IG), Marcelina Roszkowski (IG)
Sr Fashion Show SP19: Marcia So-tey (IG), Marcelina Roszkowski (IG), Emma Ryan (IG), Sade Guess (IG), Amanda Barclay (IG)